Luxury and comfort beyond any expectation

What makes AGKALI so different from similar Homes is its residences. There are 43 absolutely private residences divided into three categories: simple, superior and luxury-suites of 24-30 square meters area each.

All residences are equipped with furniture, fabrics and appliances of high quality and taste. They have their own bathroom and all specifications for people with special needs. Every residence provides air-conditioning system, satellite TV, direct phone line and a large or less large kitchen with all the necessary appliances. Also, each residence has its own private furnished veranda ensuring a high standard of life.

In AGKALI luxury and quality are not just words. Our guests enjoy their own decent home, tasteful and functional. A place that promotes their autonomy and protects their personal lives. Above all, they enjoy the peacefulness of a well-organized unit with detailed care and attention daily and the services of well-trained staff who look after your dearest ones patiently, calmly and above all with a big smile.

AGKALI's residences are nothing less than luxurious homes that aspire to be the new home for those who need care, attention and protection!

Simple room Superior room Luxury suites