With respect to humans
and the needs of the elderly

Along with the impressive premises AGKALI care unit for the elderly is, above all, a whole small world made in accordance with the stricter international quality and security specifications. It offers loving care, attention and support to the senior citizens in their daily routine though not hospitalization.

Especially designed for the elderly and their needs, AGKALI includes private, convenient spaces exclusively for every guest. The exceptional decor and comfortable amenities in the bright green surroundings are compared to those of the most luxurious resorts

AGKALI is built in an area of 12.000 square meters consisting of four levels. Here you can find the central part where the reception, the administration offices, the interior and exterior spaces of common use and the private residences.

However AGKALi is not just facilities, amenities or premises. First and foremost, AGKALI is its people: An inspired team, highly trained with a vision and a high sense of responsibility towards the elderly. We promise and guarantee security, safety, psychological balance and health care an elderly person needs. In short the well-being and the good-living conditions of the elderly!