Grandpa and Grandma are in the "village"!

The owner of the GERAKARI LAMASAT DEVELOPEMENT COMPANY, chose his home village, Gerakari, to create a huge anthropocentric investment, the AGKALI HOMES CARE UNIT for the elderly.

Gerakari is a historical mountainous village, in the Amari province of Rethimno prefecture in Crete. Built 680 meters above sea level, on the northern foot of Kedros mountain, it is situated in one of the most spectacular locations in central Crete.

A landscape of exceptional beauty with high mountains, cool and fresh water springs, forests and fruit trees among which the well-known cherry trees of the region. The whole area is typical of its exceptionally healthy micro-climate that offers a unique sense of well-being and liveliness. The famous coasts of the Libyan sea lie in the south while various surrounding villages contribute to the whole image of this unique land!

Gerakari dates back in the Byzantine times when there were “GERAKARIOI” in the village. (Geraki in Greek is the hawk or falcon). Those people were trainers for breeding, taming and training gerakia (hawks) as well as hunters of hares and partridges. As you can easily understand Gerakari was the village of Gerakarioi since the village was named after them. Today the main occupation of the people in the village is arboriculture, the famous cherries being an example, as well as vegetable production. Tasty cheeses are also produced at the herb-grasslands of Kedros mountain.

There are shells and ruins that tell us stories of ancient times. A spectacular monument is St John’s Theologos church which is one of the oldest Byzantine churches in Crete (11th - 12th century).
Gerakari people have always loved freedom and have fought against various conquerors.