A lively community

Along with the luxury and privacy, provided by the private residences, on the ground floor there is a whole world with spaces of common use and services. Here our guests spend their time occupied constructively, participating in various activities, socializing and enhancing solidarity and fellowship.

However AGKALI's heart beats in the grand dining-room where the meeting place for all guests and personnel is. That’s where they enjoy their daily meals, meet and talk to each other in a most relaxing atmosphere. The sitting rooms with the comfortable sofas and tasteful decoration will be preferred in their leisure time.

The view from the large glass-panes is unique. The yard, the leafy gardens, the swimming pool and the surrounding hills give a sense of intimacy, freedom and peace. There are corners where they can watch TV, play table games, libraries with plenty of books of any kind and taste, large play-rooms as well as a home cinema. It is indeed a self-sufficient micro-world, full of interesting activities and chances of entertainment that can fill the time of our dearest elderly positively and enjoyably!

For those who are in need of physiotherapy, physical exercises or massaging, there is a fully-equipped gym-therapy department at their disposal. Last but not least they have the chance to feel good and well-looked after, by paying a visit at the posh hairdresser’s salon!

Finally, every guest has the chance to visit the fully-equipped surgery of the unit for their daily medical care. This way they feel secure, safe and protected in case of emergency