Experience, specialization
and high sense of responsibility.

The greatest asset of AGKALI is the human resource. The people who flank the unit have been carefully selected on the basis of high qualities and qualifications and are the following:

- An executive director and special consultant with profound experience in the field of health
- A General Practitioner (doctor)
- A Social Worker
- A Psychologist
- A Physiotherapist - Gymnast
- A sister and Nursing Personnel
- Social Supporters and Occupational Therapists
- The personnel of the rest departments (security, cleaning, kitchen, supplies, maintenance etc)

Above all AGKALI's staff bear human feelings, sensitivity and discreet attitude to those in need. Moreover the board of AGKALI counts on the further training of the personnel in matters such of psychology, geriatrics, hygiene, security and safety as well as management, ensuring the well-being of the guests and the harmonious function of the unit.