Open arms to the senior citizens!

We address to those senior citizens who need care and support in their daily routine. Most of the times family members or unsuitable “maids” are entrusted with the care and attention of such people. As a result, their health deteriorates and their psychological condition aggravates.

In AGKALI HOMES the elderly have excellent physical and mental health. They can develop their autonomy and sociability and watch the standards of their lives upgrade! The decency of the place, the high standard specifications along with the specially trained staff aim to satisfy needs of the elderly. It is a truly fresh suggestion like those, one can meet in developed countries (Sweden, Norway, Canada, etc).

Our unit can host your dearest ones either on a permanent basis or temporarily, during short or long absences of those who take care of them. Also, during recovering from illnesses, a time when their needs for care and support are increased. We can also take over elderly couples, providing them with the possibility of living a normal private life in a totally protected environment.

We are proud of making this suggestion but at the same time we feel responsible for all those who seek for a quality solution to this delicate issue and those who believe in us.