Sense of participation and solidarity

AGKALI is a small, lively community where each of our guests participates in as many activities as they can. The elderly find new ways of expressing themselves in various happenings organized with the help and encouragement of experts.

Our guests' time is full of activities that promote good fellowship, solidarity, well-being, sentimental and mental balance such as games, arts and crafts, events, day-trips, walks, tours, visits to places of special interest etc.

AGKALI's guests are an inseparable part of the village of Gerakari and participate in the village life always well attended and escorted. The two buses available, often take them to short or long trips to the nearby area. They can visit Rethimno quite often and attend major cultural and religious events that take place in Crete all year round.

The barbeque evenings, the chapel with regular services, parties and celebrations on birthdays and name days, with friends and relatives presence keep their spirits and interests high. Their lives become meaningful instead of the isolation the elderly quite often experience when alone at their homes or at a relative’s home.