Ensuring a high standard of life

The basic services offered by AGKALI are as follow:

- Medical observation daily by the GP doctor at the fully equipped surgery of the institution

- Clockwise observation and care by highly trained nursing and security staff.

- Regular observation by a psychologist a social worker and occupational therapist (physiotherapist)

- Participation accordingly in mild exercising activities social activities and events organized by the institution

- 5 full healthy, nutricious, freshly-cooked meals and snacks cooked with local products depending on the needs and preferences of each guest

- Observation of medication and provision of medicines in cooperation with the proper insurance authorities

- Privately owned ambulance in case of urgent transportation to hospital

- A bus with specifications for people with special needs and a second bus for trips and necessary transports

- Refridgerated lorry for carrying food and provisions

- Bath and bed linen as well as cleaning and tidying of the residences and spaces of common use.