Giving a new meaning
to the care of the senior citizens

AGKALI is a whole world that takes the institution of the care for the senior citizens many steps forward! In addition to the basic services of very high standards, any guest enjoys access to many more services and amenities that are hardly met elsewhere in our country.

Every guest can take advantage of the special care and treatment offered according to their needs and wishes. They can have their own exclusive nurse or they can be taken out of the unit for hospitalization and medical tests.

Every guest has the possibility to make their own individual program for physical exercises and physiotherapy in the fully-equipped gym of the institution. Both ladies and gentlemen can look after their looks, hair, manicure or pedicure in the posh hairdresser’s salon. Last but not least they can order and receive newspapers and magazines in their room or go for walks accompanied by attendants in or out of the unit.

Generally speaking AGKALI has the possibility to offer individualized programs since the basic point of our philosophy is that each human is unique and so they should be treated!