Health and delight
with pure Cretan basic ingredients

At AGKALI our guests' diet is one of our main concerns. The menus are worked out by a dietician in cooperation with our G.P. doctor, so as to be appropriate, nourishing and balanced. We make sure that the meals are adapted to the individual taste, needs and preferences of the elderly.

Special menus are provided to those who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or have other special eating needs.

Our guests have 5 meals and snacks: breakfast, ten o’clock snack, lunch, afternoon snack and supper. All meals are freshly-cooked, based on home recipes by the chef of the house. The basic ingredients come from local farms all of high quality. The well-known Cretan virgin olive oil is an advantage of itself!

Guests take their meals in the spacious, sunny dining room in a most pleasant atmosphere. Alternatively, they can dine in their rooms if they wish so. In case they don’t like something, there is always another solution available. Some meals or the barbeques are offered in the exterior of AGKALI , weather permitting and on the guests’ demand.

Needless to say that the dining and nursing personnel are constantly willing to offer their assistance of any kind during the meals.