Our prime concern

At AGKALI our prime concern is the security and safety of our guests. Thanks to the high standards and specifications of our premises the vigilant care for the guests, their daily routine and the security personnel who guard and look after the whole unit, there is an atmosphere of order, peace and harmonious function without the fear of the unexpected. All these are accomplished with the necessary discretion.

The building has been built for people with mobility problems. Anti-slipping floors, bars of support, lifts with specifications for people with special needs, bathrooms with handles are only some of the details that ensure convenience and safe living.

The spaces of common use as well as some of the rooms considered are looked after by security personnel and cameras while there are special installations for urgent notification on a 24-hour basis. Also advanced systems detecting fire, extinguishing fire and security lighting are set to work round the clock.

AGKALI is fully equipped and prepared for any emergency. Our doctor is on the premises every day. Our guests’ health problems and medication are under close surveillance while the ambulance could take patients quickly and safely either to a specialist or the nearest hospital.